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JJ Stenhouse

Ultimate Field Trips combine JJ’s deep love of and connection to nature with her mission to help people realise their purpose, find their voice and unleash their power. JJ works at a soul and energetic level to offer a safe space where you can dig deep, explore and let go of your baggage.

Her qualifications span the psychology of communication, non-verbal communication and other therapeutic modalities. She offers coaching and facilitates workshops around the world in communication skills, empowerment and self-leadership. As a premier member of the international Women Speakers Association she regularly speaks on the topics of self-esteem, living light and unleashing your inner roar.

JJ is an NLP Master Practitioner, LAB Profile Consultant and Trainer (influence through language and behaviour), Prosperity Guide and Demartini Method trained facilitator. She has a qualification in group dynamics and non-verbal intelligence and Success Factor Modelling (business NLP) – all this gathered alongside a career in the media as a journalist and TV/Radio presenter and now brand management specialist.

She still writes, contributes to publications as an expert and occasionally appears on TV and radio. She’s a contributing author, on how to handle the media, for People Alchemy’s management resource and has contributed to published works on marketing and culture.

Jim Bennett

Jim is passionate about the environment. He’s a mountain and wild ridge runner, mountaineer and long distance path trekker. Ultimate Field Trips combine his love for nature and his work as an international executive leadership coach, trainer and educator in the energy sector.

He has more than 35 years’ experience as an executive coach and as the facilitator of high-impact, participative training workshops. He is a speaker who has delivered keynotes at conferences throughout the world.

Jim is a Chartered Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Consultant, fire engineer and a member of the Chartered Management Institute specialising in transformational leadership, optimising personal growth and organisational resilience.

He was severely ill with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) and unable to walk for some time and is walking proof of the power of personal energy work. He now incorporates his research into internal energy into his work, allowing him to integrate mind, body and spirit empowerment techniques into his coaching.

The key discovery for Jim was that when we walk in harmony with our environment, nature’s universal energy inspires and heals, gives direction to our internal compass. Jim is a zest catalyst helping people to show up in the world as they Dream, Dare, Dazzle.

What People Say About Us

Don’t just take it from us, let people who’ve experienced our work do the talking!

“Jennifer’s (JJ’s) work has helped me in so many powerful ways. I’ve let go of things that have been preventing me from moving forward and found the inner power I needed to give myself fully to my life’s purpose. Thank you.”  

FL, Somerset, England

“Jim is the best facilitator with whom I have worked!” 

Dr. Djilai Benmahamed, Algeria

“Jim’s style is personal, fun and challenging.”  

John Scott, UK

“Jennifer (JJ) is one of the most gifted energy workers that I know and whom I fully trust and respect. Her integrity is impeccable. I have told her many times I feel she has the hands of the Divine Mother running through her. The energy is that powerful, loving and clear.”

Joan Clark, Kansas, USA

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